Impact Disaster Services
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Impact Disaster Services

Impact Disaster Services (IDS) can IMPACT your life in a positive way, by providing 24/7 emergency services, and repairing your home or business in a timely manner. For customers, IDS helps to negotiate your claim with your insurance carrier, so that repairs can start immediately. IDS offers you choices to put your home back the way you would like, including any possible changes or upgrades that you might consider. IDS will put things back in the manner that you see fit.
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Fire Damage

After the smoke clears, IDS will begin preparing a plan, with empathy and consideration, to put your home or business back together.
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Emergency Repairs

After a property damage, sometimes all you need right away is to secure your property from the elements, from receiving further damage or break-in.
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Wind & Storm

Storms with high winds can cause serious damages to homes or businesses. Impact Disaster Services 24-7 emergency services can help quickly.
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Water Damage

Pipe breaks, appliance malfunctions, toilet overflows, roof leaks, sump pump failures: water damages can come from anywhere. IDS can help get you back to normal.
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